Wrap up all your backburner tasks. At your convenience.

Anon is a location based task reminder app available exclusively for the iPhone.

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Getting there is not the same as being there.

Anon knows the difference between commute and being present in a location. It calculates from your dwell time whether you are in a location or passing through and only when its sure does it check if you have tasks around.

Location and dwell time are not saved anywhere.

Plan your travels, years ahead of time.

Save all worthy recommendations from friends and travel blogs with helpful notes to jog your memory. Anon will remind you of each task when you are there. Even if its years from now.

Location services need to be enabled at all times.

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Spend your time on better things. Like life.

Anon reminds you of tasks around you so you can wrap up more in one go. Now all you need to do is figure out how to spend all that time you just saved.

Mark a task as done to delete it permanently.

Features we are proud of

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Geo Tagging

Anon matches your current location to those of the tasks around a specific radius.

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Folderless organizing

Use relevant tags to organize your tasks. Find, edit and delete them with ease.

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On device performance & security

Anon saves all your data on your device. This enables the app to run faster and for you to carry your privacy with you.

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Optional Pro subscription

Anon offers an optional & flexible pro subscription which allows you to backup all your data or migrate it to a new iPhone.

Anon Pro subscription

The optional pro subscription allows you to save your tasks on iCloud and migrate it to a new iPhone. Anon still has no access to your tasks or any other data and you guessed it right, it doesn’t want access to it either. There are 2 (two) variants :

$1.00 (Monthly) or $10.00 (Yearly)

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account.

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Contact us

We have tried to compile most support topics in our support section. For any other questions you can tweet us at @anontasksapp

We do not store any contact information.