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Anon is a location based task reminder, available exclusively for the iPhone.

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A Bit About Anon

On arrival, not enroute

Anon tasks calculates whether you are dwelling in a location or still in commute. Only when it's sure does it notify you about tasks you can wrap up around you.

Location and dwell time are not saved anywhere.

Plan your travels years in advance

Save recommendations for places you plan on travelling to someday. Anon will notify you only on arrival, even years from now.

Location services need to be enabled in the background.

Save time on commute

Anon reminds you of tasks around you so you can wrap up more in one go. Now all you need to do is figure out how to spend all that time you just saved.

Keep a task unmarked to be reminded again.

Anon's Building Blocks

Geo Tagging

Organize and be reminded of tasks by location.

Folderless Organizing

Tag tasks with helpful, relevant terms to make searching and organizing simpler.

On Device Security

All tasks are saved on your device. Your privacy, in your hands.

iCloud Integration

All tasks are backed up to your personal iCloud account.

Before you ask

We have tried to compile most support topics in our support section. For any other questions you can tweet us at @anontasksapp