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Anon Tasks is a to-do app with a twist. Productivity apps are for scheduling and by that definition depend on time. Anon Tasks is for tasks we put off on the backburner. Instead of depending on time, it depends on location and convenience.

Think of all the times you said 'I was just there today! I could have done that when I was there'. Anon Tasks will make sure you never have to say it again.

Anon Tasks as an app respects each user's privacy. It does not want any access to a user's information (personal or otherwise).For details you can check out our transparency page.

Also available for your reference are our terms of use and privacy policy.

All your tasks are only saved on your device. They are text based files and thus hardly take up any of your precious storage.

All your tasks are safely stored on your device. However this also means if your device were to get lost or damaged, your tasks go with it!

To prevent this we have Anon Pro (an optional subscription service) which you can purchase via the app store itself and all your data will be backed up periodically on your own iCloud account. The files are text based and thus they hardly take up any space in your iCloud storage.

No. If you are not a Anon Pro member, your tasks stay on your old device only. The new device will allow you to download Anon Tasks (if you have bought it once, you have bought it forever) but all your tasks will stay on the old device.

You can choose to become a Anon Pro member and backup all your data. In this case, once you have downloaded Anon Tasks to the new device simply go to the Anon Pro page (via the Settings page) and click 'Restore purchases'. All your tasks shall be downloaded to the new device in just a few minutes.

Sadly, No! Anon Tasks' entire architecture for data backup and sync (for Anon Pro members) is based in iCloud which isn't a cross platform service. If you are still on the fence about the new phone, can we point you to the latest iPhone?

Anon Pro is a subscription based service which allows you to backup all your data to your own iCloud account and sync it across multiple iPhones (running the same iCloud account). You can find out more here

App Support Topics

Anon Tasks on first startup asks you for three different permissions. The first is to permit the app to send you notifications, second is to have location services enabled for Anon Tasks and the third is for Motion Tracking.

Motion tracking is a crucial component of the app which allows Anon Tasks to check for tasks within a radius once it has detected your location. If you have chosen to not permit Anon Tasks for motion tracking, the app crashes since it can not figure out a radius to look within.

The best fix for this is to download the app again and simply permit Anon Tasks with motion tracking and it should work perfectly!

If the problem persists, please make sure to get in touch with us and we'll be glad to help you.

At the bottom of the home page you'll notice a 'Add Task' button. Clicking on it will start the task creation process.

The second step asks for a location while auto choosing your current location. You can search for a desired location making it as precise as possible. eg Kulture Shop, Bandra West , Mumbai.

The third step requires you give the task a name, tags and notes.

Tags and notes are optional but they do help you out. Searching for a particular type of task becomes very easy if they are all under the same tag eg. graphic design.

We also suggest keeping helpful notes to jog your memory. Tasks can come up months from the time of their creation and these notes come handy. eg. Richard highly recommends this place.

Once you have a task open you'll notice the ' ' button at the top. Clicking on it opens the familiar task creation form where you can now edit each field (change the name of the task, add or delete tags and edit notes to your liking.)

Anon Tasks does not keep records or provide analytics of task completion (who wants to be judged by an app eh). To mark it as done, simply go to the task and click on 'Done with this' and its delete permanently.

This is an irreversible action.

On the task page, click 'Done with this' and its deleted permanently.

If you wish to mark multiple tasks as done or just delete them, click on the ' ' button on the top bar and select all the tasks you wish to delete.

Click the ' ' button and confirm. All gone permanently!

This is an irreversible action.

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We have tried to compile most support topics in our support section. For any other questions you can tweet us at @anontasksapp

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