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The Open Book


How does Anon Tasks earn its revenue?

One word. Sales! Simple, old school sales. If a user buys our product, we earn. If they choose not to buy it, we don't earn. The revenue earned goes into the future development of Anon.

Anon Tasks does not depend on ads, venture capital or data sharing/selling.


What user data does Anon Tasks want access to?

Anon only requires location services to be enabled by the user even when they aren't using the app. This is required, simply, to ensure it can calculate where you are at all times and if there is a task it can notify you about in the vicinity. Not much of a reminder app if you have to open it manually now is it?

That being said, if you have any concerns about keeping location services enabled in the background, you can still use Anon normally. It simply won't notify you. Switch the app on, it will find your current location, match with your tasks and voila, it will list them all out!


What about a user's tasks and personal information?

Anon does not want access to a user's personal information (that includes their tasks). Period. It's your privacy and you alone control it.

We do not have an email list to ensure we aren't responsible for your email address (or the misuse of it) either.


Where does it store the information it does collect?

Refering to the article 03 above, we don't have, nor do we want access to any user information (including location). No access to the said information also means we don't save it anywhere except on your device.


Does Anon Tasks use any third party services?

Yes! We rely on reputed companies like Google & Apple for some key features. Google maps (for location tracking) & Apple (In case of task backups) for iCloud syncing.


Anything to be concerned about with these third party services?

While we can vouch for ourselves and assure you we aren't interested in collecting / retaining any user's data (location or otherwise), we can not speak for the third party services used by the app.

We highly encourage you to go through their privacy policy & terms of use for clarity.


What can be expected in future versions of Anon tasks?

Although we do not have any timelines yet, we do intend to have future releases which will enhance the user experience, the visual experience, include shortcuts, widgets and some very cool Apple specific features *fingers crossed*.


How much revenue has Anon Tasks earned till date?

As much as we believe in being open and transparent, there's some information which we consider off limits.

In hindsight we should've just called this the translucency page.

Before you ask

We have tried to compile most support topics in our support section. For any other questions you can tweet us at @anontasksapp